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MRF Tyres, India's pioneer tyre brand brings a community for passionate riders across the country. Get to explore every nook and corner of the country on your two wheeler along with others like you.

From unique road trips to exotic destinations, expert opinions from veteran travelers and a hub to connect with bikers all over; MRF Ride Along lets every true biker get the experience of being a part of a united, thriving clan. So, are you ready to Ride Along?


MRF Tyres has, for decades, been a loved and trusted brand among Indian riders. With the Ride Along Community, our vision is to give everyone with 2 wheels the power to explore.

Most biking communities are restricted by geography or the type of bike you own. This is a first of its kind all-inclusive, pan-India community of bikers - by the bikers, for the bikers. It is a platform for Riders across India to find ride ideas, connect with other riders, showcase their passion for riding and much more. Ride Along with MRF will not just be a ride aggregator, but an experience generator! Everyone is welcome.


Find Ride Ideas:

We have begun with rides from 7 cities in India. As the community grows, we will keep adding super ride ideas from across India. This platform will be powered by the bikers, so the more you contribute, the more rides we will have.

Join Rides:

Don't have anyone to ride with? Want to meet riders from across the country? You can join rides powered by MRF Ambassadors. Soon, you will also be able to list your ride and connect with bikers across India.

Find and Share Inspiring Stories:

Read some inspiring ride tales of our expert bikers in the Ride Diaries section. Also, if you have had an experience worth sharing, let our admins know and we will feature you in the community.

Loyalty Points:

For every action you take on the community, you will get Loyalty points. You get points for contributing Ride stories, organizing rides, going on rides, sharing Photos & Videos, commenting, asking questions to our experts and more. Keep collecting points and once you have enough points, you will be able to use them to get some cool merchandise!

Contribute and Get Invited:

The more you contribute to the community, the better your chance of being invited to special rides and events organized/sponsored by MRF – like winning match tickets, tickets to music festivals and more.

Learn about Biking:

Also, if you have questions about riding, you can ask our experts. You can also keep reading the tips / tricks shared by our experts in the Ride Diaries section.

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