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Rider Level

  • EASY

    This ride involves smooth roads and easy-to-access facilities


    This ride involves some tight corners and narrow roads.

  • HARD

    This ride has tight corners, two-lane roads, and some off-road sections.

Ride Type

Highway - Majority of the ride is via state and national highways

Night Halts - This ride involves a night stay and the return journey will begin on the next day

Off Roads - This ride involves jungles, river crossings and mountainous sections

Return - This is a one day ride and you can be back by noon or evening.

Type of Rider

Beginner If you have upto 10000km of riding experience, and if you have been on less than 3 rides

Moderate - If you have more than 20000km of riding experience, and have done at least 5 rides.

Professional - If you have more than 40000km of riding experience and have done more than 5 rides.


Your request to join has been sent to the organiser. He/She will contact you if your request is accepted.

No. of riders

Adreesh Suyog Jadhav Roshan Martis


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This is a free-to-use portal for anyone and everyone who wants to ride. These ride listings have been submitted by the organisers. MRF Tyres does not have any role in the organisation and execution of this ride. The "Approximate Budget" is a general calculation, and not an exact amount. We urge you to carry extra cash to be used in case of emergencies.

As the searing heat of summer sets in, there's no better way to beat the heat than embark on of the most fun night rides we have ever planned. Come join us, as we head into the pristine environs of Kamshet, this weekend!

Meeting Point: Maha Auto, Panvel

Reporting Time: 9 p.m

Ride Starts: 09:30 after the line-up is complete

Route: Panvel- Bangalore Mumbai Hwy - Mumbai Pandharpur Rd - Mumbai Pune Expressway - NH48.

Total Distance: 200km

Contribution per rider : INR 700 approximately 

Activities you can indulge in:

  1. Sightseeing
  2. Sumptuous breakfast at one of the oldest dhabas in the are
  3. Meeting new riders and their families
  4. Photo and video shoot

Ride Plan

4th March - Meet at Maha auto at 9 p.m - Wait for everyone till 10:30 - Start the ride at 10:45 p.m and stop directly at Kamshet

5th March - Start at 5 a.m from Kamshet - Reach Mumbai latest by 8 a.m



1.Please to be on time.

2. Helmet and riding gear is a strict requirement.

3. Get your mean machines serviced.

4. Check fluids, lights and tyre pressure.

5. No overtaking the head lead.

6. Maintain a minimum 10- foot distance and ride parallel to each other for safety.

7. Kindly stay in a formation.

8. Vehicle documents should be updated.

9. Follow all traffic rules, please.

10. No one shall change lanes or overtake unless absolutely necessary or instructed so by the lead rider.

11. Mirrors are important.

12. Helmets,shoes and jeans compulsory for pillion riders.

13. Kindly start off with a full tank of fuel.

14.Carry proper all-weather gear.

15.Without riding gear, we will not allow you to join our ride. 

Organised by - Bikers Brotherhood Club (Official)



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