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5 unmissable Monsoon rides!

The monsoons are known to awaken the free-spirited soul hidden within each one of us. The weather is more pleasant, the food more tempting and the roads more desirable. All you want to do then is gear up and hit the roads with your ride. For all the bikers who wish to make the most of the monsoons,Ride Along with MRF has a bucket list you can explore with your crew!


Mumbai to Khandala



We bet you have heard of the breath taking waterfalls and captivating greenery you will witness at Khandala. You have also experienced the thrill of riding your bike along the smooth NH4 that leads us to the favorite hill station of Mumbaikars.  But we bet you have not experienced the awesomely delicious food trail that leads to Khandala. What could be better than combining an awesome journey with lip smacking food?


If you’d like to set out on this adventure - visit here for the complete ride details.


Bangalore to Shivanasamudra



Got a long weekend and you would love to explore a new destination with your crew? Love to listen to stories that dive into the rich history of destinations along the way? Then Shivanasamudra is the place to be!  Get ready to unravel the mesmerizing stories of the quaint locales and villages you will see along the Mysore Highway with this ride.


Find out more about this ride here


Chennai to Vellore



With the monsoons come the monsoon food cravings! And if you haven’t tasted Vellore’s famous Thalapakattu Biryani as yet, then it calls for a short ride simply dedicated to the spicy delicacy! From the best of coffees, dosas and Biryani, this ride is for the Hungry rider eagerly looking to devour some good old South Indian food!


Hungry yet? Get the complete ride details here


Nagpur to Sahastrakund



Looking at exploring a road less traveled over the weekend? The newly formed state of Telangana has hidden gems that only a few know of. The roads through NH 44 are smooth, the scenery in the ghats that will accompany you on the ride is captivating and every location is worth a click!


Here’s how you can explore this route and Ride along with MRF - Complete Ride Details


Kolkata to Bishnupur



Adventurous & pulsating, this ride from Kolkata to Bishnupur is purely for the thrill seekers! As you zip through the miles on the splendid roads of the Delhi – Kolkata Highway, there are adventures waiting to be explored by you! Get ready to conquer the seas and the land on this one of a kind journey!


Find out all about this ride here


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Uncover the wild

Uncover the wild

Jaipur to Palpur-Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

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