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Dhaba - Food for the soul

Road trips are not just about the distance but about the feeling of freedom and a search for yourself. We create trips to getaway from the city to enjoy the simplicity of nature in the company of friends who share the joy of the ride.

Every visit to the dhaba is a memory that remains forever. The aromas, the simplicity, the early morning chai or the late night paratha and omelettes that give you feeling of satisfaction. It’s inexplicable, similar to the feeling when we remember our childhood road trips with the family.

Ride along with MRF handpicks the top 5 dhaba’s on the Delhi - Chandigarh route. This route has an array of dhaba’s to visit and tantalise your taste buds with family and friends.

So put on the gear and kickstart your engines and relive those memories.


1.Pahalwan Dhaba, Murthal - NH 1

The essence of highway food in India exists on the Murthal - NH1 en route Chandigarh.  

With Dhabas on both sides of the road, Pahalwan Dhaba is the one you’re looking for. With incredible taste and enormous portions, It’s truly value for money.

Must Try:

  • Aloo, Gobi, Pyaaz and Paneer Parathas with homemade Makhan.

  • Chai in Kulhad

2. Karnal Haveli, Murthal - NH 1

If you're a fan of experiencing traditional Punjabi hospitality then Karnal Haveli has a lot to offer. Traditional Punjabi food with an amusement park for the kids to have some fun. It’s largely visited by families on road trips as the washrooms are clean! The antiques and the paintings take you back in time.

Must Try:

  • Punjabi Kadhi

  • Amritsari Chole

3. Giani Da Dhaba, Kalka - Shimla highway

Driving from Delhi to Shimla? Then put this dhaba on your pitstop list. Located at Dharampur which is 2 hours away from Delhi, this dhaba is frequented by bikers riding to Shimla and Kasauli. Unlike the other dhabas around Delhi, this one has still retained its old world charm and interiors from the 90’s.

Must Try:

  • Butter chicken and lemon chicken - favourites.

  • Thandi Kheer with grated coconuts - One for the road!

4. Modern Dhaba, Kalka - Shimla Highway

Craving some home cooked vegetarian food? Then the Modern dhaba is your pick. Located close to Giani Da dhaba, it serves wholesome food that brings back childhood memories. The Rajma chaval is the superstar of the menu.

Must try:

  • Rajma chaval

5. Cheetal Grand, Khatauli

This one is an iconic place on the highway en route to Chandigarh. It’s been for almost 20 years and more serving to generations of families travelling on the route. An ambience that offers not just a wide menu but the range of exotic plants and birds in the surroundings. The menu ranges from not just the Indian palate but the western palate as well.

Must try:

  • Grilled cheese sandwich

  • Paneer Pakodas

  • Cold Coffee




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