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Essential Safety Tips for a long Ride

Going on a long ride? Don’t forget to follow these simple safety tips to ensure your safety.


Field of vision: We can all agree that roads in India are pretty chaotic. Where in other countries, it would be illegal/unethical to switch lanes, here we are forced to due to uneven traffic spread. Here’s where your helmet can play a significant role -- the half-face helmet gives you a much better field of vision than the full-face helmet but fails to cancel wind noise. And the full-face helmet restricts side view but provides you proper aerodynamics. Choose wisely.


Accelerate only if you can stop: Braking can be affected by many factors. One of the primary factors is the condition of the road; bumps, gravel, and spillage. Irrespective of how professional a rider is, when met with emergencies, everyone tends to panic and lose control. So word of advice: Don’t let your confidence precede control.


Don’t compromise on riding gear: Call it insurance. The difference is, insurance comes to rescue after the accident while the right gear is in play during the need of the hour. Riding gears are one-time investments and you ought to spend a quality sum to know its worth. Avoid buying cheap knockoffs to save an extra buck and choose the best from authorised centres only!


Ignorance is bliss: There are plenty of pretenders on the road who claim to be professionals and often ride with little to no safety. Be wary of them and don’t buy in their challenge. Because this will increase the already present risk. Ride safe and enjoy the beauty of it.


Always be prepared: Before kick-starting your journey, always do a quick look-around your tyres, lights, shaft, and brakes. Safety doesn’t come at the cost of time. So, spare some and get your tyres inflated properly. And leave no stones unturned to ensure your safe travels.




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