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Exploring Bala Qila

Munna Payeng

Written by Munna Payeng

Delhi -based Munna Payeng, did something different this Independence Day. He, with his group, called the Beast Ryderz, rode to the Bala Qila near Alwar, Rajasthan.

This 400km ride started off at the Gurgaon toll at 6:30 am, and the stop was at Manesar, 25km later. A sumptuous breakfast and a round of photographs later, they saddled up and rode off.

Progress was smooth, and by noon, they were at Bala Qila.  After purchasing tickets, they started riding towards the fort, when they came across one of the most beautiful mountain roads they had ever seen in their lives! This 5km ride was pure bliss.There was a point where they could see the entire city of Alwar. Riding along this curvy stretch, they reached Bala Qila, which is located at an altitude of 1120 ft above sea level.

The fort, unfortunately, was in a dilapidated state. They still shot quite a few photographs, and then started back , slightly disappointed.That is when they saw something unique.

They saw a fully geared-up father-daughter duo. The little girl was barely 5 years old and was clad in elbow and knee guards, gloves and a helmet. Munna, instantly interested in the pair, wanted to shoot a photo with them, but the father and biker-to-be left in a rush, as they had to be home for lunch.In a country where a helmet and safety gear are considered a waste of money, it was very encouraging to see a family go to such lengths to make riding safe a habit. After a round of refreshments, they started back for Delhi at 3 pm, where they were in for another surprise.

One of the riders came up with a bright idea to take a shortcut to reach the highway, which the group decided to go with. Bad idea. That is because that stretch of road was filled with muddy potholes, ruts and patches of gravel. As the riders gingerly crept ahead, Munna did something amazing. In order to motivate them, he got off his bike, and started shooting some really amazing pictures of his group as they navigated the broken road.

After 2 hours of mud-plugging, the group hit the road again. They were overjoyed on seeing the lovely concrete highway leading towards home. They reached home at about 7:30 pm, tired, happy and excited about their next outing.

Munna is a part of Beast Ryderz, based in Delhi







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