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Indore To Mumbai

Rohan Verma

Written by Rohan Verma

Engineering student, biker and budding writer Rohan Verma arrived in Mumbai, and in grand style! Here's his story 


"Indore to Mumbai, a distance of about 600 km, was my first ride on my new bike. I had the bike, now I needed to convince my parents, and you know how difficult that is.  


To win their confidence, I did short morning rides and kept increasing the distance, until one day, I did a 200 km ride non-stop. That proved to them that I could do the 600km journey with a few stops. 


The day before the ride, we went for a really fun family dinner. I called it a night and woke up early, all charged for the ride. I had already refueled my bike, so I was all set. I reached the highway within 10-15 minutes, and from there, the fun began.  It was nice and breezy, and we covered distance at a brisk pace. 


I was the centre of attention on the road, due to my bike, helmet and riding jacket. To show off, I took my first stop at Pithampur, which is 200km away. I had idli and sambar as breakfast, and then pushed off.  As I rode for a few more hours, my back and neck started to pain, since it was my first long ride. I took short breaks, which did help. At one point, the pain was quite unbearable. I had a short nap at a dhaba, had a cup of coffee and then started off. 


At about 3:30, when I was about 150kms away, it started to rain. I felt like a lonely traveller in an unknown planet, a very cold one at that! I stopped at a cafe near the highway, as I munched on a sandwich and sipped hot chocolate. The rains felt so nice, and I really wished it rained for a while longer. 


I started once it stopped raining, but 70km away from Mumbai, it started to rain again. Oh what a thrill it was to rule the Kasara Ghats in the middle of such heavy rain! I did it as slowly as I could, but was all smiles, all the way. And as if someone had pulled a curtain, it stopped, raining. I finally entered Mumbai at about 6:15 p.m, and was home at 7:30.


I felt at the top of the world, and kissed my bike's tank as I dismounted.  Riding a bike is a high unlike any other. 


Indore to Mumbai. Done!"


Wasn't that an exciting story? Have one in mind? Why not share it with us? 


Till the next time, then... #RideAlongWithMRF 


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