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Monsoon Throttling

Amit Nikam

Written by Amit Nikam

Amit Nikam, doctor and biker, from Nagpur, has many an interesting ride story to tell. With the help of many big biker groups, he helped organised a landmark event called the “Monsoon Throttle” in August, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s what happened.

This year, they rode from Nagpur to Chikhaldara, which is a base camp leading to the beautiful Melghat Tiger Reserve. With its challenging roads, many tiny villages dotting the rocky mountain faces of the Satpura Range, and lush greenery, Melghat is heaven for those who love adventure.  Melghat is definitely not the tiny patch of green as can be seen on a map. The 2-day Monsoon Throttle was something special. Here's what happened. 

Day One saw all participants arrive at the base camp at Chikhaldara . There were bikers and groups from all over the country arriving, so it took all day for them to assemble. Some of the more famous names included the Bikerni, BlackTop Brotherhood Motorcycle Club from Jabalpur, The Guardians Motorcycle Club from Pune and the Nagpur Riders Club. The assembly of bikers resembled an army.

Day Two was when the excitement began. It was time to ride!

With the help of Forest Department officials and the local expert, a Mr. Rakesh Malhalle, a route was agreed upon. And, boy was it a back-breaking one! Countless patches of slippery slush and half a dozen water crossings, and huge boulders from recent landslides had them slip and slide all the way. The surrounding view made the tough ride worth it, though.In case you did not know, the route they picked is called the Melghat Shakedown, and for good reason!

Incidentally, the riders also had to tackle the thick fog, which thickened as the riders ascended up the mountain roads. With the lights on, the long formation of bikers resembled a pearl necklace, surging through the mist.Along the surrounding mountain tops were gigantic windmill farms, adding to an already awe-inspiring setting.

The ride was great fun, with minor hitches and a few breakdowns, all thanks to the unrelenting trail. Unfazed, the riders powered on, putting themselves and their machines to the test.

By the time they reached their resting place for the night, the bikes and their riders were caked with mud. Wet and covered in slush, they were the happiest men alive. Conversations, pranks, speeches and the customary leg-pulling made Monsoon Throttle one of the most enjoyable rides ever organised by Amit and his group.

Amit is a member of Dukes of Nagpur Riding Club ( DONRC)




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