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The Mystery Ride to Lohegad

Prasad Bashte

Written by Prasad Bashte

Planning a ride is easy. To add an element of mystery, Prasad Bashte and his group organised a mystery ride. Here's what happened, in his own words


"We at Bikers' Brotherhood Club, planned a surprise for all the recently-joined members. After a round of discussions with the admins, we zeroed in on the idea of a 'mystery ride'. According to this plan, riders would meet up at Thane, and then submit chits with their names and that of their favourite destinations. One location would be picked, on the basis of a lucky draw. The rider with the winning entry would lead the ride, and not disclose the destination to anyone in the group.  


We assembled at Thane, and then submitted our entries. Lonavala, my entry was also there in the list, by the way. The chits were juggled, and one was picked. After a short, hushed discussion, we saddled up. We still did not know where we were headed. 


As we headed to our destination, I had a hunch that our destination was Lohegad. To my surprise, we halted for a short break, as we waited for the slower riders to catch up, and I was right! It was Lohegad. I always had a liking for the wonderful roads leading up to the sturdy fort. 


The route was - Panvel - Lonavala - Lohagad - Pavana Lake - Kamshet - Khopoli - Mumbai  for the Mumbai group.


The Pune group took the following route - Dehu Road - Lonavala - Lohagad - Pavana Lake - Kamshet - Khopoli - Pune


The ride was enjoyable, with the roads offering plenty of scope for our bikes to stretch their legs and also tango with the corners. As we headed to Lohegad, we were joined by the Mumbai group, and marched up the roads leading to the fort. It was a scene straight out of a history books. As we reached the top, we were awed at the natural beauty of the environs. 


Once we were done at Lohegad, we headed to Pawna Lake, which was also part of the plan. The mid-morning breeze was a wonderful antidote to us tired bikers. We shot a few photographs, and then had some food at a nearby eatery. 


There's one thing about places like Lohegad and Pawna. They are quiet. Very very quiet, to the point of scaring the wits out of you. I, although, enjoy silence and love being left alone with my thoughts. After spending some cherished moments with my biker brothers, I bid them farewell and headed home. Another ride, completed successfully"


Have a ride story in mind? Why not share it with us? Mail your stories with all the details to along with a few photos and we'll get it published as soon as we receive it. 


Till the next time, #RideAlongWithMRF!





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