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Riding as one

Savio Tavadia

Written by Savio Tavadia

Savio Tavadia, ace biker from Pune, has this story to share about his ride during the Republic Day. 


"Without the knowledge of the crew, we took them on a ride . It was planned as a surprise by the admins, to weed out the true loyalists from the posers. We had a number of crews joining the 26th January (Republic Day) ride, namely Team Soul Riders and Gixxer Club Pune. Starting from Manjiri Phata at about 6:45 am we rode down to Vidya Vikas Mandir, Yevat wherein we witnessed not one but 3 flags hoisted in the school premises! What a wonderful feeling it was to see bikers unite for India. It was a special moment, as the national anthem was prayed, and all of us saluted the Indian tricolor as it flew proudly that crisp winter morning.


After the ceremony, we had a quick photo session with all the attending teams. Then, we headed towards Chowfula for breakfast, where we feasted on jumbo vadapav and tea. While the guest teams started from Chowfula before us, the Lycans Pune team were audience to a stunt show unlike anything else. This time, our main stars were tractors, that did power wheelies, donuts and reverse donuts. After that, the driver took the audience for a short spin.


The attendees then headed to Agnipankh Birding point for lunch. Post lunch, there was an informal discussion after which our bikers saddled up and returned home to Pune. Interestingly, it was the second time that Lycans Pune, Team Soul Riders and Gixxer Club Pune had ridden together in formation, just to be a part of this exciting event. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting our brothers and riding with them very soon."


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