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The Slopes Of Hell

Prathamesh Sable

Written by Prathamesh Sable

Prathamesh Sable tamed the legendary "Slopes of Hell" this weekend. Here's what the experience was like. 


"This patch was created by BSNL as a route for transporting supplies and equipment, as there is a telecom tower at the top of the slope.


The "Slopes" are at a 100-km distance from Mumbai, along the road heading into Pawana Dam. Once you take a right turn at the base of the hill,  you reach a narrow dirt road, from where the fun begins!

As the name suggests, this place is enough to test the limits of man and machine. 60 degree slopes, rocks, gravel, mud, fine dirt and shrubs make ascent and descent a dreadful affair! One wrong turn and you will lose your balance. Overuse the front brake, and you will skid. The "Slopes of Hell" require patience, timing and very fine clutch control. It might loosen a few bolts here and there, so  please have a thorough check up done before and after the ride. 


As said earlier, the stretch is completely unpaved, and at some sections, you are nearly at a 45-degree angle, riding up the steep hillock. The descent is much more difficult, as you need to balance your body weight with your braking inputs. Hold the handle-bar firmly, but do allow some free play for the front suspension to work freely. Do not try and "force" your way around, as the terrain is quite treacherous. 


This area is quite isolated, so it is always better to go in a group, in case any emergency arises. An overnight halt for camping and trekking is recommended, too.


The "Slopes Of Hell" are tough, even for experienced bikers, but the view from the top will make it all worth it!"


If you do plan to #RideAlongWithMRF to this most sought-after riding destination, tell us all about it. And please ride safe! 









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