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Things to do on a solo-riding trip

We can all agree that riding can be the best therapy there is, it’s soulful, and it’s peaceful. But there will be a handful of riders who opt for solo-trips over group rides. The answer to it is simple – it challenges your courage, it makes you find yourself and the trip are simply moving. But here’s what you need to keep in mind:


The 4 principle rules you need to know about before you embark on your solo trip are:

  • Plan

  • Pack

  • Stay safe

  • Don’t be afraid


1. Get your schedule in place: It’s critical to plan your trip beforehand. This will give you a comprehensive idea about your arrival and time at every destination.

2. Mug up your map: The most significant aspect of travelling solo is to know your route, destination, pit stops and detours. You don’t want to get to lost on the journey with no cell coverage so your map is your only rescue.

3. Avoid night travel: Riding alone in the dead of the night is just inherently dangerous. Most of the riders are afraid because of this reason because there are way too many risks on the road at night even for a group of riders, let alone a solo rider. So, the clock is your saviour here. Manage your time accordingly so that you can reach your destination/stop on time without risking night-riding.

4. Carry tools and spares: Worrying about tools almost becomes secondary when you’re group riding but in this case, spares can be your lifesaver. Carry them with you without fail.

5. Be friendly: The world isn’t what you see on the internet. People are friendly and will make your time worth it. And who knows you might just find the best of people on the road.

6. Be in touch: Let at least 3 people know about your trip and where you’re headed. Keep a spare phone and stay connected.

7. Carry your essentials: Torch, Camera, Power bank, Water bottle and protein bars. Keep these essentials handy and you’ll be good whenever an emergency comes knocking at your door. Make your own personalized list of what are the things you need on the road.        




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