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Trekking with Biking Gear



Veteran biker Aditya Patil, known in biking circles as “ADI”, is known to try the impossible, and the perfect example is this story.


He was on a ride to Vihigaon with his group of 5-6 bikes to see the Ashoka Waterfalls. They were all geared up and ready for war! But on reaching Vihigaon, they found out that the bikes had to be parked in a common lot, allocated for tourist vehicles. 


Seeing a lot of kids and nosy tourists, Aditya came up with an interesting idea.


Why not descend down the path to the waterfalls wearing full biking gear? Come to think of it, there was some logic. The shoes would offer a good grip on the slippery slopes, the knee guards and jacket would cushion the body if someone happened to slip and fall, and the helmet would do its regular job, while offering good visibility in the rain. So, down they went like mountain goats, sliding down the perilous trail, a long, steep path with large stones inset into the rock face. A 200-foot drop, at least, if you lost your footing.


In true biker fashion, they climbed down in a single line, helping women and children at the tougher sections. On the way back up, it was even more fun, as kids stopped to take pictures with them. Ladies swooped on them and posed for selfies, leaving their husbands and boyfriends red-faced.


One family even bought them a round of chai, in exchange for an almost never-ending photo session.


Aditya plans to start horse-riding next, wearing full biker gear. That will be an epic one!





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