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Welcome to the Ride!


Hello. If you are reading this, then you surely have a passion for riding. As a community manager, I would like to welcome you on board. As this is our first interaction, let me tell you a bit about the motivation behind this platform.


India has many riding portals, but most are either restricted by geography, or by the kind of bike you have. Some riding portals are so ominous that amateur riders never feel like logging on. We wanted to set up a truly one-for-all, Pan-India community that helps you take amazing weekend rides. From the pro-riders to the amateurs, from the foodies to the thrill-seekers, there is something for everyone!


Our mission is to slowly, but steadily give you great weekend rides all across the nation. We have begun our humble effort with 6 cities. But with your help we can ramp up quickly. All we need is for you to start sending us some ride ideas and if we like them, then we will add it to the portal. For this you simply have to download our Mobile App and share a ride story. You will not only get credit for the same, but also will stand a chance to WIN some amazing merchandise.


Also, though we have begin our efforts with a lot of the content coming from our admins, we would like to hand over the platform to the users. The vision is to create a platform that is truly by the bikers, for the bikers!


This is a beginning of a beautiful, fun, adventurous journey, and we need your help to make it a successful one. So gear up and let’s ride along with MRF.

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Uncover the wild

Uncover the wild

Jaipur to Palpur-Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

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