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Rider Level

  • EASY

    This ride involves smooth roads and easy-to-access facilities


    This ride involves some tight corners and narrow roads.

  • HARD

    This ride has tight corners, two-lane roads, and some off-road sections.

Ride Type

Highway - Majority of the ride is via state and national highways

Night Halts - This ride involves a night stay and the return journey will begin on the next day

Off Roads - This ride involves jungles, river crossings and mountainous sections

Return - This is a one day ride and you can be back by noon or evening.

Type of Rider

Beginner If you have upto 10000km of riding experience, and if you have been on less than 3 rides

Moderate - If you have more than 20000km of riding experience, and have done at least 5 rides.

Professional - If you have more than 40000km of riding experience and have done more than 5 rides.


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Delhi to Mussorie

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Dhaula Kuan
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Centrally located Dhaula Kuan is the ideal place to assemble. An early morning departure helps in cruising through the low traffic and reaching the next stop on time. Look out for the exit to NH 34 leading to Meerut.

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One of India’s most haunted places, this Military establishment that has been abandoned since the 1930s. The locals believe this is home to two sets of ghosts. One, a woman wearing red clothes and the other with four men sitting around a candle drinking alcohol. This is GP Block for you.

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This beautiful old town is developed on the very Upper Ganges that you’ve been riding along with. We suggest you take a breather on the banks of the Ganges and take a big gulp of the fresh air. This spot can also be great for some Instagram-worthy shots.

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Book yourself one the valley facing hotels and see the sun rise over the Himalayas next morning. After a night’s rest, head to on the famous cafes to grab some valley breakfast and make your way to your next haunted spot.

Lambi Dehar Mines
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Situated on the hauntingly beautiful Mussoorie range, hidden amongst the cloud is your next spot. Once a thriving marble mining centre, Lambi Dehar was abandoned after a series of unfortunate incidents. Just ask the locals for some spooky and hair-raising tales.

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Hotel Savoy, a beautiful English Gothic Country Hotel, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet who died of poisoning under mysterious circumstances in one of their rooms. If you’re feeling adventurous, do book a night stay in this beautiful hotel.



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