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Rider Level

  • EASY

    This ride involves smooth roads and easy-to-access facilities


    This ride involves some tight corners and narrow roads.

  • HARD

    This ride has tight corners, two-lane roads, and some off-road sections.

Ride Type

Highway - Majority of the ride is via state and national highways

Night Halts - This ride involves a night stay and the return journey will begin on the next day

Off Roads - This ride involves jungles, river crossings and mountainous sections

Return - This is a one day ride and you can be back by noon or evening.

Type of Rider

Beginner If you have upto 10000km of riding experience, and if you have been on less than 3 rides

Moderate - If you have more than 20000km of riding experience, and have done at least 5 rides.

Professional - If you have more than 40000km of riding experience and have done more than 5 rides.


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A Legendary Trail

Bangalore to Shivanasamudra

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ARCHESH DEEP Anil Yadav Diju Channdren


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Every experienced biker seeks a road on which they can test the true powers of their biking skills. Nice Road situated on the outskirts of Bangalore provides just that! Said to be one of the best in the country, this is the perfect start point for you and your experienced crew to begin your own story.

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Once ruled by the Great Tipu Sultan, you will cross this charming old world town en route NH 375. As you & the crew ride through, you will notice how the buildings & bazaars reflect the great contributions of Tipu Sultan to the trading economy of the town. PS: Bollywood’s greatest blockbuster, Sholay was shot here too!

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‘The toy town of Karnataka’, Channapatna is every child’s dream come true. The origins trace back to the time of Tipu Sultan who invited artisans from Persia to train local artists. Today, these wooden toys adorning the sides of the highway are a craft known to be an ancient family tradition perfected over generations.

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Looking to unravel a few stories on your own? Take a left on the fork in the road about 12 kms from Malavalli as Kanakapura arrives. Explore the scenic and winding roads made atop the mountains here. This will be a long ride, but with the scenery, you surely won’t mind those extra miles.

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Every great story needs a break time. Continuing along the NH 275, you will cross the vibrant & bustling town of Malavalli. Take a short break right here and enjoy the cool weather with a hot cup of tea. You can easily spot petrol pumps outside the town to help you on the journey ahead.

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According to legend, this arid dessert town situated on the banks of river Kaveri is said to have been cursed by a king centuries ago. Hence, one would not see much of green in this land. But for the thirsty souls, it has a lot to offer! Talakad is home to some of the best wine breweries & vineyards in India.

Shivanasamudra falls
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Here’s your chance to create legendary stories of your riding skills! The roads leading to Shivanasamudra falls are narrow, twisted with a steady stream of buses. Riders will have to guide their crew here. The Shivanasamudra Falls await to create a new chapter as the roar of the waterfalls beckons all.

Bangalore Shivanasamudra

Interesting diversions and essential public utilities along the way.

4 kilometer

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Also called the Red Garden, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the perfect place to meet and greet fellow bikers and have a relaxed walk in the park.

62 kilometer

Fishing Camp

This place is an interesting detour on the ride to Shivanasamudram. Not only can you set up camp here, but the Campo offers the best view of the Kaveri.

97 kilometer

Basavana Betta Forest

Perfect for trekkers and photograpghers, the Basavana Betta Forest spans almost 58 square kilometers

117 kilometer

Kundura Betta

This secluded spot is another one those hidden forest retreats with an amazing view.




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