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Rider Level

  • EASY

    This ride involves smooth roads and easy-to-access facilities


    This ride involves some tight corners and narrow roads.

  • HARD

    This ride has tight corners, two-lane roads, and some off-road sections.

Ride Type

Highway - Majority of the ride is via state and national highways

Night Halts - This ride involves a night stay and the return journey will begin on the next day

Off Roads - This ride involves jungles, river crossings and mountainous sections

Return - This is a one day ride and you can be back by noon or evening.

Type of Rider

Beginner If you have upto 10000km of riding experience, and if you have been on less than 3 rides

Moderate - If you have more than 20000km of riding experience, and have done at least 5 rides.

Professional - If you have more than 40000km of riding experience and have done more than 5 rides.


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Ride Like The Royals

Delhi to Silserhi Lake

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Vibha Vinodrai


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India Gate
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The imposing, revered India Gate is a landmark that Delhiites would swear by. An amazing place to start your ride from, don't you think?

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As you enter Haryana, you will be greeted by wide, expansive roads and "paranthe" dhabas. Give in to temptation and sample the steaming-hot, buttery parathes served here, early in the morning.

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Tauru is a satellite town in the outskirts of Gurugram (Gurgaon), and is home to the unique Heritage Transport Museum. If it could be flown, sailed or driven it's on display here. What a treat for petrolheads!

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Tapukara is the entry point to Rajasthan on the Alwar bypass road. Remember to hook a left from the junction near Bhiiwadi, to escape the commercial vehicle traffic that can slow you down.

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Inspite of having a heavy Mughal influence, Tijara has a strong native presence. As a result, there are a number of beautiful temples and minarets here. The Tijara Fort is a must-visit, There are a number of very tasty "fruit chaat" vendors here, serving a variety of delectable combinations of ice-cold sliced fruits, perfect for a hot summer day.

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As you head down the smooth, wide MDR 25, you enter the once-regal city of Kishangarh. There are so many places to see that it takes the better part of a full day to visit them all. If you do have the guts, take a stroll through the haunted Bhangarh Fort.

Silserhi Lake
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As you enter the city of Silserhi, you'll be greeted by the entrance to the famous lake. The Silserhi Lake, which spans 7 square kms across, was built in 1845 by a king for his wife. There are a number of lake-side hotels and resorts over here, where we suggest you halt for the night. The next day, you can go on a morning boat ride across the lake. It's something to be experienced at least once in your life!

Delhi Silserhi Lake

Interesting diversions and essential public utilities along the way.

64 kilometer

Damadama Lake

84 kilometer

Transport Museum

88 kilometer

Barbet Tourist Complex

170 kilometer

Bhangarh Fort




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