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Rider Level

  • EASY

    This ride involves smooth roads and easy-to-access facilities


    This ride involves some tight corners and narrow roads.

  • HARD

    This ride has tight corners, two-lane roads, and some off-road sections.

Ride Type

Highway - Majority of the ride is via state and national highways

Night Halts - This ride involves a night stay and the return journey will begin on the next day

Off Roads - This ride involves jungles, river crossings and mountainous sections

Return - This is a one day ride and you can be back by noon or evening.

Type of Rider

Beginner If you have upto 10000km of riding experience, and if you have been on less than 3 rides

Moderate - If you have more than 20000km of riding experience, and have done at least 5 rides.

Professional - If you have more than 40000km of riding experience and have done more than 5 rides.


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An Uphill Task

Nagpur to Panchmarhi

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Hop onto your bike along with your adventure-seeking friends and kick start your ride from Dahegaon village in Nagpur. A quaint and small village, it will also help you give the traffic a skip. Enjoy as you zip through the smooth National Highway 547 until your next destination, Chindwara, 113 kms ahead.

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Here is where the fun actually begins! Home to the 3 century old Deogarh Fort, Chindwara, or the “Land of dates”, is a dry patch of land that contains some really tight ghat sections. Take a break along the route and order up a juice to energize yourself for the tough ride ahead. The roads here are known to test both the rider and machine to the limit.

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You’re halfway through the ride and the intensity must have made you hungry by now. Stop here to indulge in one of the best chaats in the country! Order up a plate of Bhel Puri and spicy Pani Puri that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! If you happen to ride during the monsoons, you will have beautiful waterfalls as the perfect backdrop while your devour your snack.

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The highway begins to get curvier and trickier from here on! New riders will find the roads here a bit difficult to ride on due the massive elevations. Ride cautiously and follow your Ride Captain’s instructions. If you have time on your hand, take a detour to Pathalkot to ride through the vintage British Era homes built off steep cliffs.

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Take a detour onto the SH 19A once you cross Matkuli where the open and wide roads wait to greet you! This is one of the most beautiful stretches in Central India and is also the perfect place to stop for a few group photos.

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28 kms ahead of Matkuli, the road to the Queen of the Satpura Range, said to be one of the most secluded spots in India. Panchmarhi is challenging even for experienced riders, with plenty of corners to conquer. Head to Sunset Point to unwind after a tiring ride with an unforgettable view! Stay overnight and get an early start for a visual treat at Dhoopgarh.

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On your way home, there’s one last pit-stop to be made. The roads to Dhoopgarh get steeper as you make your climb to the highest point in the Satpura Range. This hill station is the first to receive the rays of the rising sun. So start out early from Panchmari to soak in the view with the warmth of the rising sun. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect ride!

Nagpur Panchmarhi

Interesting diversions and essential public utilities along the way.

2 kilometer

Maharajbagh Zoo

Built by the Bhonsle Dynasty Rulers years ago, the zoo is endowed with botanical gardens and a variety of wild animals and birds.

60 kilometer

Kolar Dam

Located near Saoner, a very busy junction, the Kolar Dam is a welcome respite from the heat of the urban jungle.

89 kilometer


Patalkot, meaning " Very deep village" in Sanskrit, is one of the few places where you can meet and interact with tribals. You can also pick up some rare tribal artwork and herbs at the tiny village market.

94 kilometer

Radha Devi Caves

Once you are done visiting the ancient caves, you can by assorted dry fruit at the market at Amarwara.



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